Cosby puts career on hold In wake of groping allegations, he cancels two more public appearances

January 22, 2005







COMEDIAN BILL COSBY postponed three scheduled appearances in Florida 
this weekend, in the wake of groping allegations made against him by a 
former Temple University employee.
He had already postponed a town hall meeting in Cleveland that had been 
scheduled for this past Thursday evening.
Walter Phillips Jr., Cosby's attorney, said the allegations "may" have 
had something to do with the postponements.
"I think he just doesn't feel right about appearing on a public stage 
these days, when these allegations are out there and there's been so 
much media coverage of it," said Phillips.
Overall, Cosby is handling the publicity storm well, he said.
"He's got such a wonderful sense of humor that it still comes through 
when you talk to him but he's obviously very much down and upset by 
what has transpired over the last few days," Phillips said.
Cosby hired him Thursday, the day the story broke in the media, 
Phillips said. He has never worked for Cosby before, he said.
Phillips has called the allegations "bizarre" and "preposterous" and 
pointed out that the alleged victim waited a year before reporting it 
to authorities. She has remained holed up with her family near Toronto but yesterday 
the woman's father told NBC-10, which sent a reporter to Toronto, why 
she waited.
"Sometimes it takes a long time to build up the courage, especially if 
the person is universal and when a person is very famous," her father 
said. "He was very good friends with my daughter. "
The man described his daughter as "a very honest and decent person" and 
said he and his wife went with her when she reported the alleged sexual 
assault to Durham Regional Police Services near Toronto last week.
"As a family we cried over it," her father told the television station 
Authorities remained tight-lipped about the criminal probe yesterday.
Sgt. Paul McCurbin of Durham Regional Police Services would only 
confirm that the 31-year-old female came to them on Jan. 13 and 
reported an allegation of sexual assault that took place in the United States.
Her allegations eventually landed in the lap of the Cheltenham Township 
Police Department, McCurbin said. He would not even confirm that Bill 
Cosby was the accused.
Phillips said no one from law enforcement has asked to interview his 
client yet.
Cosby was scheduled for two appearances in Tallahassee today and one in 
Fort Lauderdale tomorrow, said David Brokaw, Cosby's publicist. Cosby 
has been traveling the country talking about problems in poor, black 
Phillips said he's received some e-mails from people offering support 
to his client.
"One was from someone in Arkansas and one was from someone in Texas, an 
ordained minister," he said. "She thought my characterization of the 
allegations as 'preposterous' was aptly put. Her prayers are out for 
him because she's a longtime fan of his because of what he's done for 
education and the community. "
Phillips said he passed along the good wishes to Cosby when they spoke 
"He was very appreciative," Phillips said. *

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