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Guest: Nicole Weisensee Egan, Michael Kane, Karen Russell, Scott Purches, William Fallon, Allison DuBois, Michael Shermer, Carol Pate DAN ABRAMS, HOST: Coming up, are prosecutors slowly building a sexual abuse case against Bill Cosby?

Joining me now is “Philadelphia Daily News” reporter Nicole Weisensee Egan and who interviewed the second woman to come forward and accuse Bill Cosby. Thanks very much for coming on the program. Appreciate it. NICOLE WEISENSEE EGAN, “PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS”: Thanks for having me on. ABRAMS: So give me—how did you -- how did this woman—this woman just called you out of the blue?

WEISENSEE EGAN: Well I‘m not going to get into how like she came to me or I came to her, but suffice it to say that I did an extensive interview with her about her allegations. ABRAMS: And why are you so—I mean the article basically seems to be vouching for her in a way, saying that you know, your investigation determined that it was at least credible, why?

WEISENSEE EGAN: No, what my article said is I reported that she reported this to law enforcement and to the attorneys hired by the Canadian woman and I was giving her an avenue to tell her story. She wanted to tell it publicly and that‘s all it said.

ABRAMS: The—as you heard, the Cosby team is basically—you know they seem to be chastising the paper for going forward with this story even after they denied it. What do you make of that?

WEISENSEE EGAN: Typical strong-handed tactics by them. They want to try to clamp down on anything that might possibly put the people that—the person that they work for in a bad light. I mean there was a lot of intimidation going on frankly. Advertise

ABRAMS: Do you believe her?


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