Cosby's lawyers deny he has refused to be deposed His legal team wants to know names of witnesses

April 23, 2005







Bill Cosby is not refusing to be deposed in a civil suit lodged 
against him by a former Temple employee, his attorneys said in court 
papers filed in federal court here yesterday.
Attorneys for Cosby accuser Andrea Constand made that claim in a motion 
filed on Tuesday.
But Cosby's attorneys said the entertainer simply wants to know the 
identities of nine women who are accusing him of drugging and/or 
sexually assaulting him before he's deposed.
"Plaintiff's statement that defendant 'has now taken the position that 
he will not be deposed' is misleading," the memo said. "Rather, in an 
April 11, 2005 letter, defendant's counsel stated that he 'will not be 
producing defendant for a deposition while plaintiff is concealing the 
very identity of the witnesses with whom she intends to confront him. ' "
Dolores Troiani, one of Constand's attorneys, said she has not seen the 
motion but "obviously we don't believe we misrepresented anything. "
In an April 6 report following a March 23 conference between both 
sides, Constand's attorneys asked the judge to admit testimony from at 
least 10 other women who say the comedian drugged and/or sexually assaulted them.
They also asked for a limited protective order to keep the media from 
knowing or publishing the identities of the women. Only one, California 
attorney Tamara Green, has made her identity public. Troiani and Kivitz 
listed the others as "Jane Does. "
In their motion, Cosby's attorneys said Troiani and Kivitz said they 
would turn over the women's identities within 14 days of the March 23 
meeting but didn't.
Troiani said that is not true.
"They're manufacturing this issue because most of the names are in the 
police report, which they have, because we gave the names to the police,"
she said.
"We wanted an agreement from them that they wouldn't turn those names 
over to the media and they wouldn't do that. Our concern is to prevent 
a smear campaign, like they conducted against Tamara Green. "
Andrew Schau, one of Cosby's attorneys, had no comment. He said earlier 
this week that responses will be made in legal papers that are filed in 
In her lawsuit, Constand, 31, said Cosby sexually assaulted and drugged 
her at his Elkins Park, Montgomery County, mansion in January 2004. She 
went to police a year later. In February, authorities here declined to 
prosecute. Constand's attorneys, Troiani and Bebe Kivitz, filed her 
civil suit against Cosby the following month. *

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