Pennsylvania District Attorney Candidates Battle it Out Over the 2005 Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Alle

The two candidates for district attorney in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania are attacking each other with television ads over sexual assault allegations brought against Bill Cosby in 2005.

Just two days after Democratic candidate Kevin Steele released a new television ad, attacking Bruce L. Castor, Jr., a Republican, for not prosecuting Bill Cosby in 2005 when he was district attorney, Castor released his own television ad attacking Steele, who is the county’s current first district attorney, for doing nothing.

“Kevin Steele had the power to help victims of Cosby but he sat on his hands,” Castor, who is now a county commissioner but is running for his old job, says in the TV ad.

Steele says he and Castor differ over how they treat alleged crime victims,which is why he released his ad Oct. 20.

“This ad highlights how he treats victims as opposed to how I handle things,” Steele tells PEOPLE a little less than two weeks out from the November 3 election. “I go after sexual predators.” CLICK FOR MORE

Nicki Egan:
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