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Bill Cosby's Lead Attorney Monique Pressley Does Not Have Legal Standing to Represent His Wife,

Attorney Joseph Cammarata launched a blistering attack on Monique Pressley, Bill Cosby’s lead attorney, saying she broke the law and violated the court’s rules by representing Camille Cosby at her Feb. 22 deposition when she does not have the legal standing to do so in Massachusetts, according to a new court filing.

“Ms. Pressley has been engaged in the unauthorized practice of law on behalf of Camille Cosby in this action,” he wrote in a motion asking Pressley to be prohibited from representing anyone in the case. “Ms. Pressley never entered an appearance on behalf of Mrs. Cosby, nor did she take steps to properly represent Mrs. Cosby in this action.”

Pressley declined to comment.

Cammarata represents seven women, including retired California attorney Tamara Green, who are suing Bill Cosby for defamation. He subpoenaed Camille for that case and deposed her for the first time last month. The next deposition is now scheduled for April 18. CLICK FOR MORE

Nicki Egan:
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