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Bill Cosby Attorney Monique Pressley Files Paperwork to Represent Wife Camille After Earlier Court F

The day after attorney Joseph Cammarata filed a motion asking for Bill Cosby’s lead attorney, Monique Pressley, to be disqualified as his wife Camille’s lawyer because she did not file the proper paperwork in Massachusetts, Pressley hastily filed a “notice of appearance” in the case.

“[A]ny failure to file a notice of appearance on behalf of Mrs. Cosby was purely inadvertent,” according to the court filing obtained by PEOPLE. “To the extent such notice is required for the representation of a non-party witness, please accept the instant notice of representation.”

Unless the judge deems it unnecessary, the attorneys also intend to file an opposition to Cammarata’s motion to disqualify Pressley in the case, the documents say.

The filings were part of a defamation lawsuit filed against entertainer Bill Cosby by seven women, including retired California attorney Tamara Green, who claim he drugged and/or sexually assaulted them decades ago. CLICK FOR MORE

Nicki Egan:
The Daily Beast  Features
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