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Accuser Andrea Constand's 2005 Statement Read in Court as Bill Cosby Ordered to Trial: 'I Wa

After a three-hour preliminary hearing, District Judge Elizabeth McHugh held entertainer Bill Cosby over for trial on charges he allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted former Temple employee Andrea Constand in 2004.

“Mr. Cosby, based on the evidence and testimony represented here today, I’m going to hold you on all charges,” she said at the end of the hearing, in which a statement Constand gave to detectives revealed new alleged details about that fateful night.

She then scheduled his formal arraignment for July 20, which he quickly waived.

Cosby was mum other than to say “thank you” to the judge for explaining the waiver.

“Good luck to you sir,” she said before ending the hearing.

“Thank you,” he replied. Cosby has denied Constand’s allegations as well as similar allegations from more than 50 women.

Constand did not testify nor were her attorneys in court. Instead, a detective read a statement she gave authorities in January 2005. CLICK FOR MORE

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