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Bill Cosby Accuser Cries As She Testifies How He Allegedly Drugged, Forced Her to Touch His Genitals

Bill Cosby‘s sexual assault trial began with a bang Monday afternoon as Pennsylvania prosecutors called to the stand one of only two accusers who were allowed to testify.

Kelly Johnson — previously identified only under the pseudonym “Kacey” — described over multiple hours of testimony how Cosby allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted her at a bungalow at a hotel in Los Angeles in 1996.

In response, Cosby’s defense attorney hammered at what he called discrepancies in her accusations.

Johnson, Monday’s sole witness, spent three hours on the stand. She was calm and composed as she began testifying how she first met Cosby in the early 1990s, while she was working as an assistant to his agent. Then she slowly dissolved into tears, shaking, as she alleged that Cosby assaulted her.

She said he “intimidated” her into taking a white pill to help her “relax” — and then, some time later, she woke to find herself on the bed in the bedroom of his bungalow, partially undressed, her breasts exposed.

He was standing by the side of the bed, she testified. CLICK FOR MORE.

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