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Bill Cosby’s Accuser Andrea Constand Testifies About Alleged Sex Assault: ‘I Wasn’t Able to Fight Hi

An emotional Andrea Constand took the stand Tuesday afternoon and testified that Bill Cosby, her onetime mentor, allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted her at his Pennsylvania mansion in January 2004.

Constand, then the director of operations for the Temple University women’s basketball team, alleged the comedian gave her three pills he said were herbal pills to help her relax before sexually assaulting her when the pills incapacitated her.

“I wanted it to stop,” she said, blinking back tears. “In my head I was trying to get my hands to move or my legs to move but I was frozen and those messages didn’t get there. And I was very limp. And so I wasn’t able to fight him in any way.”

She alleged that when she confronted him about what happened days later and asked him what he gave her, he was evasive.

“Mr. Cosby looked at me and said, ‘I thought you had an orgasm, didn’t you?’ I said, ‘I did not. I just want to know what you gave me,” Constand testified.He still refused to say, Constand alleged, so she left his home. CLICK FOR MORE

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