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Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Ask Judge to Declare Mistrial but Motion Is Denied

An outraged defense attorney for Bill Cosby asked the judge to declare a mistrial Friday afternoon after a sexual assault expert began testifying about victim behavior after an assault.

The motion was denied.

“This so-called expert is … telling this jury that this offender is guilty,” Brian McMonagle argued.

After listening to arguments from both sides, Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill denied the motion, saying state law permits the testimony of such an expert.

“This is your argument and I understand your argument,” O’Neill said to McMonagle. “I understand the passion from which you bring it. However, it is this court’s opinion that the testimony so far is not violating the statute.”

Prior to the trial, Cosby’s attorneys filed motions to get the expert’s testimony excluded, which were also denied. CLICK FOR MORE

Nicki Egan:
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