Cosby Lawyers Want Quaalude ‘Disco Biscuits’ Testimony Banned From Trial

Bill Cosby’s new set of attorneys urged a Montgomery County judge to exclude from his upcoming retrial all of his prior statements about using Quaaludes with women he wanted to have sex with, saying what he did in the 1970s has “no relevance” to the criminal charges against him.

“There’s no admission from Mr. Cosby that he drugged and assaulted women,” defense attorney Becky James argued. “In fact the opposite was true. In the deposition testimony he described it as being a party drug. It was known as ‘disco biscuits’ back in the 1970s.”

Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Stewart Ryan disagreed, saying those admissions go to the heart of former Temple University employee Andrea Constand’s drugging and sexual assault allegations against Cosby, which are the subject of the criminal case against him.

“No one can be certain what Ms. Constand was given that night,” he said. “What we have is testimony about the defendant obtaining a central nervous system depressant, using it for a particular purpose than having a familiarity with it. He used these Quaaludes much as someone would use a [spiked] drink.” CLICK FOR MORE

Nicki Egan:
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