Cosby Jury Will Hear His Testimony About Giving Women Quaaludes

NORRISTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA—Bill Cosby’s statements about using Quaaludes with women he wanted to have sex with can be used at his criminal trial, Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill ruled Tuesday morning.

O’Neill allowed the statements to be used at Cosby’s first trial, which ended with him declaring a mistrial last June after the jury deadlocked. At pre-trial motions hearings last month O’Neill aid he would reserve ruling on the issue until this trial was underway and he heard what the testimony was.

O’Neill made the decision after hearing arguments from both sides before court proceedings got underway Tuesday morning.

Cosby, 80, is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. Cosby denies Constand’s allegations.

The prosecution is expected to begin presenting the last of its case Tuesday with testimony from various law enforcement officers involved in the case as well as the Quaalude testimony. Cosby made the comments during his 2005-2006 deposition for the civil suit Constand filed against him. He settled it with her for $3 nillion in late 2006.


Nicki Egan:
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