Prosecutor Calls Out ‘Con Man’ Cosby for Laughing in Closing Arguments

April 24, 2018


NORRISTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA—Bill Cosby is the con artist, not his rape victim Andrea Constand, prosecutors said in their closing arguments Tuesday afternoon while blasting Cosby’s defense attorneys for “assassinating” the character of the five women who testified against their client, as well as Cosby for laughing.


“Yes, you did hear about a con,” said Montgomery County Co-Prosecutor Kristen Feden, who shared the three-hour closing argument with Deputy District Attorney Stewart Ryan. “The defense was accurate when they said that. But the perpetrator of that crime? This man sitting right here.”


Feden walked across the courtroom to the defense table and stood next to Cosby, who frowned, moved away, and refused to look at her.


“This is the man who hurtfully assaulted Miss Constand in such a way with his practiced method she had no idea about,” she said.


Cosby cloaked himself in his pristine public image as “America’s Dad” and used it to lure in unsuspecting women, she said. CLICK FOR MORE







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