After ‘Lifelong Harm,’ Bill Cosby’s Victims Speak

September 25, 2018


Sunni Welles was a 17-year-old virgin when Bill Cosby drugged and raped her in 1965.

But to hear her talk about it late Tuesday afternoon, it seemed like it was yesterday.


“You have, in essence, destroyed so much of my life,” said Welles as she fought off tears. “Not only who I am today at 70 years old but who I was and could have been or would have become in this world.”


Welles was one of eight Cosby accusers who gave victim-impact statements at a press conference organized by Jennifer Storm, Pennsylvania’s victim advocate, since they were not allowed to give them at Cosby’s sentencing.


One by one they told their terrible stories. Some said they forgave him. Others said they never would. But all of them agreed that what he had done to them changed them forever.












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Nicki Egan:
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