Investigative Journalist Nicole Weisensee Egan on Chronicling Bill Cosby’s Fall

April 20, 2019

At the beginning of your book, you write about a moment — after everything had transpired and you already knew the ending of the Cosby story — where you’re watching a rerun of The Cosby Show and kind of enjoying it. Can you separate the art from the artist in this particular case?

When I was writing the book proposal, I actually could. The Cosby Show was one thing. Bill Cosby — what he did — is another. I have a different feeling now. There’s a moment in the book where I saw who [Cosby accuser] Lili Bernard was. I saw a snippet of her appearance on The Cosby Show. And then, when I was interviewing Jennifer Thompson, Jane Doe Number 2, she showed me where she was an extra in the show. So now it’s tarnished for me. I’d be looking constantly — not for the main characters, but for the extras in the background — and asking, Was she one?  CLICK TO READ




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