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Bill Cosby accuser, Toledo native steps forward

For years, it was her funny Bill Cosby story.

It happened in October, 1984. Patte O’Connor was 24 and recently out of graduate school at Bowling Green State University near her hometown of Toledo.She was working as the assistant director of student activities at Clemson University in South Carolina, and comedian Bill Cosby was headlining a night of performances lined up for homecoming weekend.“I was assigned to be his hostess for the day,” said Ms. O’Connor, now 60 and of Sylvania Township.

Cosby was hungry when she picked him up that afternoon, so they stopped at a local restaurant to grab burgers and Cokes and brought them to his hotel. He had time to kill before he was scheduled to arrive at the university’s auditorium, so they started talking.

Nicki Egan:
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