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America's Dad? The Rise And Fall Of Bill Cosby

For decades, so many of us thought we knew Bill Cosby. He was Doctor Cliff Huxtable on the wholesome "Cosby Show." Offscreen, he was a moral authority known for scolding some of his fellow black fathers. He was an Emmy and Mark Twain Prize Winner, and the face of Jello Pudding, Coca-Cola and U-Mass.

In short, he was "America's Dad."

But Cosby was convicted almost a year ago of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand. More than 60 women accuse him of similar crimes. The awards, endorsements and honorary degrees have been rescinded, and he's now in a maximum security prison.

Investigative journalist Nicole Weisensee Egan was disillusioned earlier than most; she first reported on sexual assault allegations against Cosby more than a decade ago. In a new book — out Wednesday — Egan writes about why so many Americans were slow to accept that, quote, "the man who left an entire generation wishing he was their father was also a monster."

Nicki Egan:
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