For years, one reporter investigated allegations against Bill Cosby — even when no one was listening

By Jessica M. Goldstein:

Bill Cosby was raised in a North Philadelphia housing project, spent the prime of his life as one of the most admired and adored performers in Hollywood and currently resides in SCI Phoenix, a Pennsylvania state penitentiary, where he is serving three to 10 years for aggravated indecent assault.

I covered both of Cosby’s criminal trials (the first of which ended in a mistrial) for ThinkProgress, seeing up close a true rarity in American life: a man being brought to justice for an act of sexual violence.

That Cosby was an exceptionally famous and wealthy man only made this more extraordinary. A dozen or so of Cosby’s accusers also attended the trials, six of whom testified for the prosecution. It was surreal to see them all so physically close together, to think that the last time Cosby was anywhere near these women, he allegedly had been assaulting them. He probably thought he would never see or hear from them again.


Nicki Egan:
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