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No laughing matter Comedian's deeds and subsequent downfall chronicled in detail in well-researc

For five decades, this was a bigger coverup than a total eclipse.

So when, like an exhausted septic tank, the putrid truth about Bill Cosby finally oozed out in public with a stench that couldn’t be denied, people slowly began to accept that America’s most beloved, make-believe and picture-perfect fairy-tale Dad was really a fawning sexual serpent accused of drugging and violating 63 women over a half-century. It was as arresting as bumping into evangelist Billy Graham in a bootlegger’s, or financial genius Warren Buffett in a pawn shop.

American author Nicole Weisensee Egan skilfully charts the destruction of William (Bill) Cosby and how the rich and brilliant American comedic writer and performer was protected for years by a shroud of lies and whitewash that withheld the truth from his adoring public and allowed him, according to his accusers, to repeat and repeat his vile conduct with liberty. Much of this compliance was manufactured by three conspiring forces: Hollywood, officialdom and law enforcement.

Nicki Egan:
The Daily Beast  Features
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