5 Audiobooks with Complicated Parent-Child Relationships

“Great relationships make for bad stories,” writes Leslie Jamison in the new anthology What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About. Or as Tolstoy wrote, all happy families are the same, and who the hell wants to read about them?

Whatever your parental feelings, May and June bring those arbitrary celebrations of moms and dads and all their accompanying anxieties. To combat those anxieties, the Audio File takes a look at five new audiobooks about parents and parenthood. Warning: These are recommendations for you, not gift ideas for Mom or Dad. First off, Mother’s Day has passed. If you’re still looking for Mom’s gift, you should probably go way over budget. Secondly, the publishing industry tells us dads don’t really read. If we’re to trust the wisdom of greeting cards, go with some fishing lures or grill tongs. CLICK FOR MORE

Nicki Egan:
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