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Nicole Weisensee Egan On Fighting To Reveal The Truth About Bill Cosby

Nicole Weisensee Egan first encountered Bill Cosby like most others—through his roles as Dr. Cliff Huxtable and Fat Albert in television shows she adored. As a senior in high school, Egan lost her older brother; that same year, The Cosby Show premiered. Watching the show growing up,

Egan felt an emotional connection to the happy-ending plot lines woven throughout the series. They served as an escape from her own feelings of grief. “I thought it was somewhat based on his life, his family. There was always a happy resolution. So yeah, that’s who I thought he was,” she says.In the end, of course, Egan discovered just how vastly the real-life Cosby differed from his beloved TV counterpart, as she expertly details in her debut book Chasing Cosby: The Downfall of America’s Dad, published by Seal Press this year.

Following her journey as an investigative reporter covering the allegations of sexual assault against Cosby, the book showcases Egan’s journalistic expertise and her dedication to uncovering the truth. Though she first started reporting on Cosby in 2005 while working at the Philadelphia Daily News, Egan continued to cover the story for nearly 15 years as her career took her to People magazine and beyond. CLICK FOR MORE

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