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Finally no hype about the perpetrator

Not much has remained of the great legacy of the US Bill Cosby Show, because the main actor Cosby has been in prison since 2018. "Chasing Cosby" tells how it got this far. But this podcast is no easy task.

In 1991, American comedian, actor and singer Bill Cosby was a guest on the Larry King talk show. He promoted his new book and told some of his favorite jokes: “The old story was, if you took a little drop. It was on the head of a pin. And put it in a drink and the girl would drink it and: Hello America! "

Just a drop of this drug in the drink would make the women unwilling, jokes Cosby. My neck hairs stand up, I stare at my cell phone in amazement and hear the spot several times: "And put it in a drink and the girl would drink it and: Hello America!"

The Los Angeles Times podcast "Chasing Cosby" begins with this scene. The music in it is a little over-dramatic, boulevard-like. But no listener should be put off by that. Neither does the fact that the first episode first goes through the usual, namely: "This is how Bill Cosby became Bill Cosby." CLICK FOR MORE

Nicki Egan:
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