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Crime Story podcast creators recommend 2 true crime books

Kathleen Goldhar: "Weisensee Egan is a reporter based in Philadelphia and spent 14 years at the Philadelphia Daily News. She was the first reporter to get wind of Cosby's terrible crimes and the one who really put her career, reputation and some would say her life on the line to report it out.

In this book Weisensee Egan covers her entire journey — from the early days of hearing about the allegations, her own personal heartbreak over 'the Cos' not being who we all thought he was, through the years of being railroaded and maligned, not just from Cosby's inner circle but also the other media who just didn't want to believe that Bill Cosby could be a rapist, to his fans who had been groomed to believe he was morally superior.


Nicki Egan:
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