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CRIMECON 2021: Victim F Discussion

In March 2015, Denise Huskins and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn awoke from a sound sleep right into a nightmare. Armed men bound and drugged them, then abducted Denise.

Warned not to call the police, Aaron agonized about what to do. He finally decided to put his trust in law enforcement and dialed 911. But instead of searching for Denise, the police accused Aaron of her murder. His story, they told him, was just too unbelievable.

When Denise was eventually released alive 48-hours later, the police turned their fire on her, dubbing her the “real-life ‘Gone Girl’” who had faked her own kidnapping.

Moderated by Victim F co-author, Nicki Egan, audiences will be the first in the world to hear from Aaron and Denise firsthand as they recount the horrific ordeal that almost cost them everything. CLICK FOR MORE


Nicki Egan:
The Daily Beast  Features
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