DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation / Nicki Weisensee Egan | Journalist + Author, Chasing Cosby

Nicki Weisensee is an investigative crime reporter who first broke the Cosby story in 2005. With allegations dating back to the mid 1960's, and involving 60+ accusers, Nicki meticulously covered the story for years, even when others wouldn't. She has championed the brave women who have come forward in the years since.

After her book, Chasing Cosby ( 2019), she hosted a podcast of the same name in 2020, during which we heard from survivors themselves.Nicki wrote another book - Victim F - which just launched June 2021, it's the story the real life "Gone Girl" story of a home invasion and kidnapping- we discuss the case, but you must read it to believe it.

Nicki is a fearless journalist and relentless advocate, and it was a thrill to speak with her!


Nicki Egan:
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