Morning Wave In Busan: The Case for Bill Cosby (Ms. Nicki Weisensee Egan)

Special Interview: "The Case for Bill Cosby"

- Interviewee: Nicki Weisensee Egan (An investigative reporter who has been covering this case, an author of the book “Chasing Cosby,” and a host of a podcast, “Chasing Cosby”)


`1. Can you briefly tell our Korean audiences about this case? And what Cosby’s accusation meant to most ordinary citizens of the U.S?

`2. What were the accusations and what were accusations that actually went to trial and have the judge make a prison sentence for Bill Cosby?

`3. So, the Pennsylvania court decided to “vacate the conviction.” We also heard terms like “Statue of limitation.” Can you elaborate on these a little more?

`4. Just aside from the recently found statute of limitation -- Can we say Mr. Cosby had a fair trial?

`4-1. We heard about the “2005 Immunity Agreement” between the prosecutors and Mr. Cosby. What is this about? How does it affect the trial?

`5. Mr. Cosby’s release means violation in the process of trial -- his other accusations seem to stand. Do we know about how victims of his alleged misconduct and assault respond?

`6. Do we know if victims would appeal or take further actions against Mr.Cosby?


Nicki Egan:
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