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Revealed: The best podcasts of the year

Comedy, true crime and current affairs podcasts are among Apple’s most listened to shows of 2020, according to newly-released annual charts from the tech company. The rankings are made up of four different categories that contain a variety of productions, including the requisite shoo-ins as well as a couple of underdogs. The rankings are a reflection of what Australians chose to tune into to help make sense of (and escape from) this truly bizarre year.

This year saw a special new category introduced to the tech company’s rankings. Chosen for its all-round popularity by Apple’s in-house podcasting team, the ‘Show of the Year’ went to The Eleventh, an ABC podcast that dives deep on the lesser known forces that drove the dismissal of former Australian PM, Gough Whitlam.


Nicki Egan:
The Daily Beast  Features
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