Tara Reade: How can survivors like me ever trust American justice when men like Bill Cosby walk free

Like so many women, I have been disbelieved and disregarded after revealing my abuse at the hands of a powerful man. The women who spoke out about Cosby were some of the few who seemed to get justice, now that has been taken away.

When I was a child, I had a record player. It was my escape and pleasure. I had versions of classical ballets, Shakespeare spoken records, Sesame Street, and comedy albums by stand ups like Steve Martin and Bill Cosby. My younger brother (who became a professional comedian) and I would sit in my room to listen. The albums drowned out other things happening in the house, the laughter and innocence was such a welcome escape. The Bill Cosby record was played until it warped from overuse. Later, there would be his iconic television show which would see him christened ‘America’s Dad’.

Then we grew up.


Nicki Egan:
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