With former Montco DA Bruce Castor poised to represent Trump, prepare for a rollercoaster ri

When I first learned that former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce L. Castor Jr. was part of former President Trump’s new legal team, I just shook my head and thought, “Of course he is.” Castor, who has been a Montgomery County commissioner, Pennsylvania’s solicitor general and, briefly, acting attorney general, is most famous for not prosecuting Bill Cosby in 2005, and seems to have more professional resurrections than a cat has lives. He’s a well-known player in state and local politics and he always seems to surface when you least expect it.

I couldn’t help but think how alike Castor and former President Trump are, if for no other reason than their contentious relationships with the press. Both relish being the center of media attention but bristle under the scrutiny that attention brings them. Yet Castor is willing to subject himself to that scrutiny time and again because he loves the limelight, no matter how much its glare exposes his own flaws.



Nicki Egan:
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